Home Escape Game

RAMPA Animation is a new concept for playing, learning and building relationships. Our escape game rooms come directly to you, they are suitable for players over 10 years old: courageous, curious, relaxed or eager to know more about them and their team. Our themed Escape Games will delight everyone. Book your adventure now!

Escape Game outside

RAMPA Animation gives you an exceptional and immersive experience, explore the city, observe and answer riddles directly on your mobile! Be careful, time is running out, you are a team: be responsive, observant and keen deductors for an Escape Hunt in the streets of Nice.

Culture Tour

Pantaï (dreaming in Nice) will be your Tourist Guide in this experience. He will have the chance to be able to accompany clients from all over the world on guided tours across France.


Its mission is to show France from a new angle, and to help you to understand the sites and destinations you visit. Via the dedicated application, Pantaï will allow young and old alike to have fun by stimulating their observation.